Tony Leung, Faye Wong reunite in rare photo taken almost 30 years after 'Chungking Express'


Hong Kong actor Tony Leung recently reunited with former costar and Mandopop singer Faye Wong, prompting many fans to wax nostalgic about the two's time together onscreen in "Chungking Express," released nearly three decades ago.

What happened: A photograph of the two stars warmly posing next to each other was shared on Instagram by Leung's wife, Carina Lau, on Wednesday. While it is unclear how long it has been since the two got together, Lau’s post caption read, "Long time no see."

Wong’s appearance with Leung was a surprise for some of her fans as the “Eyes on Me” singer is well known for staying hidden from the public eye, even more than Leung. She was last photographed in public traveling in a crowded airport shuttle in China in April.

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Onscreen partnership: Leung, 61, and Wong, 54, previously worked together on “Chungking Express” (1994), “Chinese Odyssey 2002” (2002) and “2046” (2004). "Chungking Express" and "2046" were notably both directed by director Wong Kar-Wai, whom Leung called an “amazing” filmmaker while attending the Tokyo Film Festival this week.

The two Hong Kong actors developed strong chemistry while costarring in “Chungking Express,” in which Leung played a policeman and Wong played a shop assistant who is also the love interest of Leung’s character.

Leung won two awards for his role in the Wong Kar-Wai-directed movie, one at the Golden Horse Film Festival in 1994 for best leading actor and another one for best lead at the 1995 Hong Kong Film Awards.

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How people reacted: Many of Leung and Wong's fans reminisced about their shared screen time, especially in “Chungking Express,” where several Instagram users shared GIFs of their two characters in the comment section under Lau’s post.

“Literally made my day,” one Instagram user commented about the photo, while another wrote, “I wanna cry.”

His career: Leung has appeared in over 100 projects in Asia and the United States during his over 41 years in the business. He also appeared in the hit Marvel movie “Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings” as the titular character’s mythical father, Xu Wenwu. Leung’s performance as the real Mandarin left Marvel big boss Kevin Feige “speechless.”

Trending on NextShark: Tony Leung, Faye Wong reunite in rare photo taken almost 30 years after 'Chungking Express'

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