Tony Auden

Tony Auden

Tony Auden joins the 7News team as a weather presenter after working at the Bureau of Meteorology in Queensland for eight years, specialising in Severe Weather.

Since he was a child Tony has always been fascinated by weather, leading him to study a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Meteorology and Mathematics at Monash University and then a Postgraduate Diploma in Meteorology at the Bureau of Meteorology.

In 2005 Tony moved to Queensland and has been specialising in severe weather at the Bureau ever since. His career achievements including covering Cyclone Yasi, The Gap’s severe thunderstorm in 2008, bushfires, floods, dangerous surf and tide events, dust storms and heat waves.

With his extensive knowledge Tony has been able to warn communities of weather dangers and threats through various television and radio stations, including a short stint presenting weather on Channel 10 in Queensland.

Tony is excited to be joining the 7News team and is looking forward to helping people; from deciding whether to hang out the washing to providing potentially life saving information in the face of a cyclone during the 7News bulletin.