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Tongues wag as pollie puppy love sealed with a kiss

Though the weather has started to cool, the dog days are far from over.

Home Affairs Minister Clare O'Neil invited a litter of puppies to Parliament House on Wednesday to show off the cuteness and competence of the Australian Border Force's most loveable employees.

Federal MPs flocked from all corners of Parliament House to pet the adorable labradors, from Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong to Member for Dunkley Peta Murphy.

"Puppies make everything OK, even a long day in parliament," Ms Murphy told AAP.

"The detection dogs we met today are not only beautiful and friendly ... they also gave awesome dog kisses."

Among the fluffy guests were Lupin and Opi - a newly trained and minted detection dog and a veteran sniffer pooch.

Ms O'Neil also welcomed 12-week-old puppies Prime, Pinot and Puma, which are training at the Border Force and the Australia Federal Police's gold-standard breeding and training school in Victoria.

Ms O'Neil, who is the patron of the detector dog training program, says petting puppies is a particularly enjoyable part of her job, especially after a ruff day.

"These dogs do an incredibly job protecting our borders and preventing a huge range of illegal goods getting into our country," she said.