What we know after Tommy Robinson arrested in Canada

Police officers told the far-right activist he was being arrested for an 'outstanding immigration warrant' after speaking at an event in Calgary.


Tommy Robinson was led away by officers after an event in Calgary on Monday evening. (X/@TRobinsonNewEra/Rebel News)

Tommy Robinson has been arrested in Canada on suspicion of an immigration offence after giving a speech in Calgary.

The far-right activist, real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon, appeared to laugh in disbelief as officers put him in cuffs and escorted him to their car.

In a video taken by outlet Rebel News on Monday, officers told the anti-Islam campaigner he was under arrest for an "outstanding arrest warrant".

Taking a swipe at Canada's prime minister, Robinson said "f**k Justin Trudeau" to the camera as he was put in the back seat.

A separate video, which appears to have been taken in secret by Robinson in the police car, appears to show him arguing with the two plain-clothes officers who arrested him, demanding to know why he was being held.

Here, Yahoo News explains what we know so far about Robinson's arrest and the charges he could face.

Robinson, 41, was arrested shortly after speaking at an event in Calgary on Monday. He could be heard saying "absolutely insane" as the officers led him away.

While travelling in the car, Robinson demands more information, with officers telling him his arrest had been ordered by the director of the Canada Border Services Agency.

Robinson can be heard telling the officers: "Ain't it mad how tough you get with immigration on the wrong people?

"It's mental innit. You act like absolute spineless cowards as a country letting every bloody goddamn f***ing Abdul or whoever into your country – you don't know nothing about them, their criminal histories, or anything, or their ideologies, and then you turn up mob-handed for me for giving a talk at a seminar."

Robinson took a swipe at Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau as he was placed in the back of a car. (X/@TRobinsonNewEra/Rebel News)

One of the officers says it is "rather ironic" that Robinson is talking about criminal history, suggesting he lied about not having convictions on his application to enter the country. Robinson denies this and said his "boss" filled in the application on his behalf.

Robinson has since been released but has been ordered to hand in his passport and to stay in Canada. Posting an update on X on Tuesday at 8.15am UK time, the activist said: "Ok I’m free, well sort of.

"None of this makes sense. I’m now detained in Calgary, prevented from leaving the city. These conditions stop me from continuing my tour of Canada and meeting with guests for podcasts. I’m not even allowed to leave to travel home."

Robinson had been booked to speak in three Canadian cities by Rebel News. The outlet's owner and co-founder Ezra Levant made appeals on X for donations to cover Robinson’s legal fees as he awaits a hearing.

Levant later wrote: "Rebel News has hired Calgary's leading criminal lawyer Alain Hepner and we are working to secure his release as soon as possible. He’s on the case right now."

Tommy Robinson appeared to secretly film a conversation with officers in the back of a police car. (X/@TRobinsonNewEra/Rebel News)

It is not clear when Robinson is next due in court or how long he could be prevented from leaving Canada.

In an interview with Rebel News after his release from custody, he said he has to report to authorities every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and notify them of any hotel or address he is staying at.

Given that he is yet to be found guilty of any immigration offences, it is not yet clear whether he will be deported or banned from re-entering Canada or whether he will face any other kind of penalty.

Based on the conditions of his release, it is likely Robinson won't be able to attend his two other scheduled events in Edmonton on Tuesday and Toronto on 30 June, but this is yet to be confirmed.

While officers appeared to give hints at what Robinson's immigration offence related to during their conversation in the car, this is yet to be confirmed, and the exact wording of his charge has not been released.

Authorities are yet to comment on the video presented on social media as a secret recording. It is not clear whether Robinson would face any consequences for filming the video.

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