Tom Brady's Buccaneers merchandise is the hottest seller in sports

We’ll see if Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers gear ends up being retro cool (think Joe Montana’s Kansas City Chiefs jersey) or ironic humor (Joe Namath Rams or Franco Harris Seahawks).

But there will be no shortage of No. 12 pewter jerseys in circulation.

Fanatics, the apparel company, released some figures on how Brady’s merchandise is selling. And sales are great.

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Tom Brady is the best-selling athlete on Fanatics. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

Buccaneers sales have exploded

The Buccaneers released new uniforms this week, and the rush was on to get Brady’s new jersey.

Fanatics released some tidbits about Brady sales, and he has had a massive impact on the Buccaneers already. Tampa Bay, which has been one of the NFL’s most anonymous franchises over its 44 seasons, is the top-selling sports team on Fanatics, via

And Brady is the top-selling athlete, Fanatics said.

More Bucs merchandise was sold on Tuesday than the previous 17 days combined, according to, making it the top-selling new uniform debut in NFL history.

Sales of Brady merchandise have spiked 3,000 percent day over day, according to Fanatics.

It’s still weird to see a Brady jersey that doesn’t belong to the New England Patriots, but people are embracing it.

Tom Brady is good for business

Regardless of how successful the 43-year-old Brady is on the field this season, he has instantly turned the Buccaneers into one of the NFL’s most interesting franchises. Brady spent a couple hours on “The Howard Stern Show” on Wednesday morning, and that wasn’t going to happen for Chris Godwin or Lavonte David.

Not many NFL players are household names to people who aren’t even football fans, but Brady is one of them. His arrival has boosted the Buccaneers’ profile immediately. Buccaneers fans are buying jerseys of their new player, presumably some Patriots fans are buying the No. 12 Bucs jersey to support a player who helped New England get six Super Bowl rings, and then there must be some football fans who want the jersey as a novelty item.

Brady changing teams after 20 years with the Patriots was big news. It was big business too.

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