Toddler's sundress labelled 'inappropriate' by kindergarten

A Canadian couple have been left dumbfounded after being told their little girl’s sundress was inappropriate for kindergarten.

Parents Jame and Sadie Stonehouse told CTV News when Lola, 3, came home from The Little Years Nursery School, they were informed Lola’s sundress with spaghetti straps was no appropriate to wear.

Mrs Stonehouse said she was told her daughter needed to have “two-inch straps on her sundress”.

The parents were also told if Lola wore the dress again she would need to wear a t-shirt underneath.

Parents of a three-year-old have been left dumbfounded after they were told her sundress (pictured) was inappropriate to wear at kindergarten. Source: CTV News/ Facebook/ Sadie Stonehouse

The mum said she’s struggling to explain to Lola why she can’t wear the dress anymore and is concerned the little girl might think “she did something wrong”.

“So now she’s going to be questioning her own body,” Mrs Stonehouse.

“And that’s such a young age to even be thinking of something like that.”

The parents plan on following through on the school’s request, but hope they at least review their policies. 

“I don’t think any girl should have to worry about how much shoulder she’s exposing when she dresses to go to school or anywhere else. At any age,” Mrs Stonehouse said.

The nursery is located inside a primary school. The school’s director would not comment to CTV News and referred the question to the school district.

A spokesperson for the school district said it does not have a dress code and encourages its “leaders to use discretion and encourage best practices in a respectful way”.

The spokesperson also recommended the parents speak with the pre-school directly.