Mum's warning as toddler suffers shocking vacuum cleaner injury: 'I didn't know'

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A concerned mother has issued an urgent warning about a popular style of vacuum cleaners after her toddler suffered terrible burns when she was cleaning the house with her new device.

New Zealand Mother of three Faith Carline was vacuuming using an upright standing vacuum when she removed the vacuum head, assuming the rollers on the vacuum cleaner head would stop spinning.

However the rollers continued to spin, burning her almost two-year-old son's leg as he was helping her pick up chips and put them near the stem of the vacuum cleaner.

"It literally took two seconds and I noticed it was on his leg," Ms Carline told Yahoo News Australia.

Faith Carline's two-year-old son suffered burns from the Bissell vacuum cleaner.
Faith Carline's two-year-old suffered friction burns from the vacuum cleaner. Source: Facebook

"It happened so fast ... It landed on his leg or I slightly moved it and it got on his leg.

"Every parent knows that cry when they're really hurt and they hold their breath in, then scream – that’s what he did."

Her son Kauri was left with a painful burn-like mark on his leg from the incident.

"We vacuum together all the time so was just a terrible accident," she wrote in a Facebook post to warn others in a group for Kmart and The Warehouse shoppers.

"He’s just super unsettled and scared of vacuum atm (at the moment) but doing okay."

The mother purchased the Bissell vacuum cleaner from The Warehouse, an online store in New Zealand.

"I love the vacuum itself, it’s amazing, it’s just a warning to be careful," she said.

"I one hundred percent didn’t know that would happen and sure many of you wouldn’t either."

The toddler was badly burned by the vacuum cleaner head. Source: Facebook
The toddler was badly burned by the vacuum cleaner head. Source: Facebook

Parents shocked by the injury

Hundreds of people commented on the post, shocked by the little boy's injury and thanking Ms Carline for sharing her story.

"Thanks for the heads up," one woman wrote. "My two-year-old loves playing with vacuums so it's good to know".

Some called for the vacuum cleaner manufacturer to reassess their design.

"I agree it's quite a bad feature of this one how the rollers still spin when it's standing upright," one woman wrote.

"Other models usually stop when it's upright and you're using the hose."

"The same thing happened to a friend of mines son's finger," another user commented. "Accidents happen, you're totally not at fault."

Yahoo News Australia have contacted The Warehouse and Bissell for comment.

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