Toddler suffers horrific burns from common household appliance

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: A one-year-old girl is recovering from horrific second-degree burns after she pulled a common household item off the kitchen island while her mother was making dinner.

Vanesa Herrera, from Blanchard in the US State of Oklahoma, told local news channel KFOR she normally puts her daughter Azra into her high chair for a snack to keep her occupied, but on this occasion she popped her daughter into a walker.

Her daughter managed to move over to the kitchen and pull down a slow cooker that was still turned on.

“The Crock-Pot was still plugged into the island, and she got over there and pulled it down,” Ms Herrera told the news outlet. 

The one-year-old pulled a Crock-Pot down, which was plugged in at the time. Source: KFOR

Azra was seriously injured when the juice from the meat in the slow cooker spilled out onto her.

“She made a little sound, but I think she was in shock,” Ms Herrera said.

After initially taking her daughter to a local children’s hospital, she was then flown to a different hospital in Dallas.

At a check-up several days later, Ms Herrera was told that Azra was malnourished and needed further treatment “because the burns had just sucked everything out of her.”

It is believed Azra will make a full recovery. Source: KFOR

Little Azra is expected to make a full recovery, but her mother is warning others to be wary of household items which could be dangerous to their children.

“You never think it could happen to you – and you hear that a lot but, when it does happen to you, there’s just no words to really describe the feeling,” she said.