Toddler showered in glass when rocks thrown at car at McDonald's

A two-year-old girl has been showered in glass when rocks were thrown at her mother's car at a McDonald's in Melbourne.

Erika Folker was attempting to leave the fast food outlet at Sanctuary Lakes on Monday afternoon when she found the exit blocked by three young men on bikes.

They became angry and abusive when she asked them to move.

One rock struck the left rear door before the window of the car exploded, sending glass flying.

Three thugs threw rocks at Erika Folker's car. Source: 7 News
Glass shattered, with one rock just missing two-year-old Lilith's head. Source: 7 News

Somehow, Erika's daughter Lilith avoided injury, despite one of the rocks landing barely 30 centimetres from her head.

"They put my little one's life in danger and I can't accept that," Erika said, describing the incident as "terrifying".

Mum Erika Folker described the incident as 'terrifying'. Source: 7 News

One of the youths is believed to be Caucasian with a thin face, most likely aged in his mid-teens.

It's believed the other two men are slightly older and both of a Pacific Islander background.

Thankfully Lilith was not injured. Source: 7 News

Police have been notified but the frightening attack has already taken a toll on the young family.

"Safety, that's the main issue," Erika Folker said.

"Right now I don't feel safe."