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Toddler is hilariously unimpressed with this TikTok filter

This toddler had a hilariously unimpressed reaction after TikTok’s Face Builder effect filter turned him into one solitary Croc, and viewers can’t get enough of the wholesome content.

Linda Meeker (@greyandmama) is a parent and content creator whose little boy, Grey, has taken the internet by storm after she posted a series of adorable clips of him practicing saying “Thank you.” But the entertainment Grey provides doesn’t stop there. Meeker shared another video, this time of Grey using TikTok’s Face Builder Effect filter, where users can paste their eyes and mouths onto inanimate objects. Yet despite TikTok’s state of the art editing and filters, the toddler was left unimpressed when the filter effect superimposed a Croc shoe over his face.

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The video opens with a shot of a single Cars-themed Croc, designed to look like the character, Lightning McQueen, overlapping Grey’s little eyes and mouth. Grey’s skeptical expression is hilariously juxtaposed with the shoe’s inherent cheerfulness.

“Well it can’t… It can’t do anything,” Grey says somewhat baffled over the shoe’s lack of action. Meeker can’t help but giggle over Grey’s blasé reaction to becoming a Croc.

“What? That’s a shoe?” Grey asks suspiciously, resulting in more laughter from his mom. While Grey eventually grows to accept that his on-screen counterpart is indeed a shoe, questions remain regarding the Croc’s diet.

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“Why is it eating?” Grey inquires before making a “chomp chomp” gesture with his mouth. Meeker can’t help but cackle over her son’s indifferent expression as he chomps his teeth. “This is amazing,” she enthuses in stark contrast to Grey’s reaction before the video comes to a close.

Meeker’s video featuring Grey and his footwear equivalent definitely left many viewers in good spirits.

“His confusion, ‘Dats a shoe?’ Omg, I can’t take the cuteness,” one user complimented.

“I love how he even relates a shoe to food! I feel you, Grey,” joked one TikToker who shares Grey’s love for food.

“Him as a Croc—just a single Croc—is hilarious,” one viewer shared.
Whether Grey’s practicing gratitude and manners or cosplaying as a lone Croc, seeing the world through Grey’s perspective offers viewers the chance to reacquaint themselves with their inner child.

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