Mum catches toddler chewing on mysterious tablet found in park

Mum catches toddler chewing on mysterious tablet found in park

A Brisbane mother caught her one-year-old child putting a mysterious pill in her mouth at a park.

The mother shared a photo of the pill to Reddit.

“Just caught my 1 yr old child picking this up off the grass and putting it in her mouth in Kalinga Park this morning,” she wrote.

The mother said on the thread she had already reported to police the incident at the park in Brisbane’s inner north.

“The Queensland Police Service can confirm a report of an item found in Kalinga Park on August 14,” A QLD Police spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia.

“Inquiries in relation to the report are ongoing. The public can report suspicious activity to the police, via police link on 131 444.”

“MD cap,” one person suspected on the Reddit thread. “Wonder if it’s actually shard. Either way, not great.”

“Wow that’s awful,” one person sympathised. “I’m so happy you spotted it, it could’ve been a very different story. Talk about needing eyes on the back of your head when you become a parent.

“Staying vigilant can be quite draining.”

While it is uncertain how the capsule wound up at the park, people on Reddit suggested someone simply dropped it.

“I doubt someone is purposely leaving drugs in a children’s playground,” one person said.

“Most likely came out of whoever’s pocket when removing their phone, wallet etc and fell to the ground as they were walking through the park.”

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