Toddler dies after dad accidentally leaves her locked in car

A grief-stricken father has been charged with causing his baby daughter’s death after he left her locked inside a car for several hours.

The 39-year-old man, named only by his initials of R.O., was supposed to be taking the one-year-old to nursery school and her mother to work.

But after dropping his wife off, he forgot all about his daughter and drove straight back to his home in the Argentinian capital city of Buenos Aires.

Nine hours later, R.O. went back to the car, supposedly to pick up his daughter from nursery, and was horrified to find her lifeless body in the car.

The 39-year-old accidentally left his young daughter in the hot car for nine hours. Source: CEN/ Australscope

He immediately called emergency services and paramedics raced to the scene to take the girl to the Ramon Carrillos Hospital.

But doctors were unable to save and her and she was declared dead shortly after arrival at the hospital.

Neighbours said R.O. had previously suffered a stroke and suggested that might have affected his memory, explaining how he might have left the child in the car.

“I saw him screaming. He left the door of the car open and I looked inside to see what was going on,” one neighbour told local media.

“I thought it was his dog at first, but then I saw the dead girl in the child seat with her seatbelt and dummy.”

R.O. has been charged with causing the death of his daughter. The police investigation into the incident, in the Santos Lugares area of the city, continues.

Police are also checking CCTV footage of the area and analysing the inside of the car.Early reports suggest she asphyxiated.

Her body has been sent for a forensic examination in order to confirm the cause of death. According to at least one report, the baby died of hyperthermia and suffocation, after about “five hours” in the car.

Counsellors have also been called in to work with the little girl’s devastated family.