'One for the 21st': Toddler busted 'cleaning' with fake tan

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A little boy’s ‘cleaning’ endeavour has gone viral on social media after his mother discovered he had used fake tan instead of actual soap.

“Please Help,” mum Alana Reed wrote in a cleaning group on Facebook, sharing the hilarious images of her son Bailey covered in the fake tan.

Bailey thought he was 'cleaning' himself. Photo: Supplied

“Anybody got any ideas how to get ultra dark tan off my toddlers hands, face and arms? He used half the bottle to ‘clean’ himself... lemon and baby oil are making it worse.”

The post received thousands of likes and comments within just a few hours with Alana saying she initially thought he was just covered in dirt.

“First thing I thought was why has he got dirt on his face, as he was running down the hallway towards me,” Alana tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I’ve tried soap, lemon, baby oil and none of it has worked!

"He thought he was clean and kept saying so very proudly.

"Took me half hour to convince him – I had to show him in the mirror that he wasn’t clean at all and I explained it wasn’t soap that he used."

He was shocked when mum Alana told him he wasn't. Photo: Supplied

A few people suggested hand sanitiser or baby wipes, with one person telling the mum to reach straight alcohol - to clean him - like Vodka.

Others said Chemist Warehouse, Priceline or Bondi Sands had a spray tan remover she could try.

But some joked it would probably just be a slow fading process.

“It will wash off in a week,” one person said.

“It will be a fading process. Tans are literally made to colour the skin and not come off easily,” another added.

A few simply enjoyed a good laugh.

“I’m dead. This is the best worst thing. I don’t have any advice but he looks gorgeous,” one woman commented.

“So sorry. But so funny,” another said.

While some said the photos are a definite keeper for his 21st birthday.

“I’m sorry I laughed so much. Please keep all the photos for his 21st,” was one response.

“This is golden. Save for the 21st birthday,” another agreed.

Hopefully Bailey gets back to himself soon. Photo: Supplied

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