Toddler adorably refuses to share bubble tea until she gets a pearl: ‘It’s the best part!’

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This toddler won’t give up her mom’s bubble tea until she gets a pearl!

TikTok account @bellafoodie is run by a mom who shares delicious recipes, videos of her adorable toddler, Bella, and clips that often combine the two—Bella eating her mom’s amazing cooking

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Recently, she shared a video capturing the moment Bella asked for a sip of bubble tea, and wouldn’t return the drink until she got a precious tapioca pearl. 

The video begins with Bella taking a big sip through the straw. Once she’s got a mouthful of bubble tea, we hear her mom say, “Here, I’ll take it,” as she reaches for the drink and takes it back. 

“I didn’t get a pearl, mama,” says Bella with disappointment. “Can you give it, please?” asks the toddler, who knows that bubble tea is nothing without the pearls. 

Mom returns the drink and says, “Ok, let me know if you get a pearl then.” 

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Bella goes in for another big sip and…success! “I got a pearl!” exclaims the toddler, showing the evidence in her mouth. 

With the pearl safely secured, Bella returns the drink to her mom. But soon after… “Can you give it please?” inquires the toddler again. 

“No, my turn! Can I have some please?” asks mom. “Yeah!” says Bella with approval, demonstrating that things are more fun when you share the wealth. 

The viral clip racked up over 3.6 million likes, and attracted a flood of comments. 

“In my house they’re fish eyeballs. It keeps the little ones from [asking] for a sip,” admitted one sneaky parent. 

“I mean, it’s the best part,” said a fellow pearl fan. 

“It’s the ‘please’ for me. She’s so well mannered. I love her,” commented an admiring viewer. 

Whatever your take on bubble tea pearls is, everyone can agree that sharing is caring. 

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