Today's Birthday 21/7

Elise Donaldson
Dorothy and Wiggle Jeff Fatt celebrate the 195th birthday of Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens in 2011

Today's birthday, July 21: Australian children's entertainer and musician Jeff Fatt (1953 - )

Before he became the purple Wiggle in the popular Australian children's group The Wiggles, Jeff Fatt aspired to be an architect and studied industrial design.

He was born in 1953, in Casino, NSW, to Chinese parents.

After university he moved to Sydney and opened a public address equipment business with his brother, hiring out sound systems to Sydney bands.

Immersed in the music scene, he began playing keyboard and joined rockabilly band The Roadmasters in the 1970s.

After meeting Anthony Field, who would later become a fellow Wiggle, Fatt joined pop band The Cockroaches in 1981.

Both Fatt and Field played in the band, which became the first stage of The Wiggles; the band toured Australia until 1990.

After leaving The Cockroaches, Field asked Fatt to help him record a children's music album, which became The Wiggles first record in 1991.

The band had four original members: Fatt, Field, Murray Cook and Greg Page, with each wearing a different coloured shirt.

Combining their backgrounds in child development and music, they became an iconic Australian children's band. The members were joined by regular characters including Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus and Wags the Dog.

In 1996, they signed their first multi-million dollar merchandising deal and began touring internationally the following years.

Fatt was known as the Wiggle that would fall asleep mid-show, leading to the band's song Wake Up, Jeff!

Each of the Wiggles were made Members of the Order of Australia in 2010 for their service to the arts and children's entertainment, as well as their support of a range of charities.

In 2011, Fatt was hospitalised after feeling unwell for several months. He was diagnosed with heart arrhythmia and was fitted with a pacemaker at Sydney's Mater Hospital a few months later.

In May 2012, he along with Page and Cook, announced they would be retiring from the Wiggles by the end of the year.

Fatt was replaced by Australian performer Lachlan Gillespie as the purple Wiggle.

The famous musician is still involved in the band and writes songs for the new members.