Karl Stefanovic walks off Today set over 'mean' tweet

Kristine Tarbert
·Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
·2-min read

Today show host Karl Stefanovic decided he’d had enough on Friday morning, walking off the set in the middle of the live program.

The moment came after Karl discovered his co-host, Ally Langdon, had called him ‘lazy’ in a Tweet to fellow co-star, Tim Davies.

karl stefanovic today show walk off
Karl walks off set. Photo: Channel Nine

“I don't think they'd be alone in bagging colleagues out privately, obviously,” Karl said after sports reporter Alex Cullen - who was also mentioned in the Tweet in question - finished his segment.

Alex replied: “Yeah it happens.”

Clearly ready to fill the audience in on what they were talking about, Karl explained he had ‘intercepted’ the Tweet by Ally and read it aloud.

“Hey Tim, I think Alex and Karl are LAZY and letting the team down. I'm so sick of carrying them every morning,” the post said.

“That's good, isn't it?” Karl continued, with Alex adding: “That hurts. That hurts me right in the bread basket.”

That’s when Karl decided he needed to take a stand, and literally stood to walk off set.

today show ally langdon mean tweet
The 'mean' tweet was read out to viewers. Photo: Channel Nine

Ally didn’t back down, playing along with the joke: “Look, I stand by it.” She eventually steered the ship back in the right direction throwing to the weather segment with Tim Davies.

Of course, the entire moment was a fun joke between colleagues. Made clear with a quick look at Ally’s actual Twitter account, showing she hasn’t actually posted anything since May 29.

In this case it was likely the Today producers who generated the ‘fake mean’ Tweet for a laugh.

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