Today in History, 15/2

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2019 - A submarine discovers an American WWII aircraft carrier 5km underwater near the Solomons

Highlights in history on this date:

1677 - England's King Charles II announces he has made alliance with Dutch against France.

1788 - HMS Supply leaves Sydney for Norfolk Island to establish a penal colony there.

1822 - NSW Governor Lachlan Macquarie leaves for England after 12 years in Australia.

1879 - United States president signs a bill allowing female lawyers to argue cases before the Supreme Court.

1882 - First shipment of frozen mutton leaves New Zealand for England aboard SS Dunedin, arriving on May 25.

1897 - Allied powers land forces on Crete.

1922 - The Permanent Court of International Justice, sitting at the Hague in the Netherlands, holds its first session.

1933 - President-elect Franklin D Roosevelt escapes an attempt on his life in Miami by Giuseppe Zangara, an Italian-born anarchist.

1942 - Singapore surrenders to Japanese forces in World War II.

1954 - The Queen opens Australia's Federal Parliament in Canberra.

1961 - A Sabena Boeing 707 crashes in Belgium, killing 73 people, including 18 US figure skaters en route to a world meet in Czechoslovakia.

1965 - Death of Nat King Cole, US singer and jazz pianist.

1971 - Britain changes over to decimal currency.

1979 - South Australia's Labor premier Don Dunstan, 52, retires because of poor health, and is succeeded by Des Corcoran.

1986 - Philippines National Assembly proclaims Ferdinand Marcos president for another six years.

1988 - Austrian president Kurt Waldheim, accused of having a Nazi past, flatly rejects widespread calls for his resignation.

1989 - The last Soviet soldier leaves Afghanistan after a 10-year occupation that failed to quell a Muslim insurgency.

1990 - Britain and Argentina restore diplomatic relations, broken off during the 1982 Falkland Islands War.

1991 - South African government announces it will free all political prisoners and African National Congress agrees to end armed struggle against apartheid.

1994 - North Korea agrees to open part of its nuclear program to international inspection.

1995 - The Federal Court overturns Aboriginal Affairs Minister Robert Tickner's 25-year ban on Hindmarsh Island bridge in South Australia.

2003 - More than six million peace protesters against the war in Iraq take to the streets in 600 towns and cities across the world.

2011 - Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi is ordered to stand trial on charges he paid a 17-year-old Moroccan girl for sex and then used his influence to cover it up.

2013 - A meteor blazes across the western Siberian sky and explodes with the force of 20 atomic bombs, injuring more than 1000 people and spreading panic in the city of Chelyabinsk.

2015 - Queensland's new Labor premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, unveils her ministry.

2016 - Kanye West causes a Twitter storm, after claiming to be $US53 million in debt and asking Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for money.

2017 - The family of Olympic champion Grant Hackett fear he's "dangerous" and plead for help to deal with his mental health issues following the swimmer's arrest.

2018 - Residents of the remote town of Mintabie, on Aboriginal lands in South Australia, are given 12 months to move away following a review that uncovered a culture of drug and alcohol abuse, anti-social behaviour and assault.

2019 - An autonomous submarine discovers an American WWII aircraft carrier, which helped turn the tide of World War II, 5km underwater near the Solomon Islands.

Today's Birthdays:

Galileo Galilei, Italian astronomer (1564-1642); Susan B Anthony, American suffragist (1820-1906); Ernest Shackleton, British polar explorer (1874-1922); Roy ("Mo") Rene, Australian comedian (1892-1954); Graham Kennedy, Australian actor-TV personality (1934-2005); Jane Seymour, English-born actress (1951-); Matt Groening, US cartoonist, creator of The Simpsons (1954-); Ali Campbell, British singer of UB40 fame (1959-); Alex Borstein, US actor, comedian (1971-); Sarah Wynter, Australian actress (1973-).

Thought For Today:

Like all dreamers, I confuse disenchantment with truth. - Jean-Paul Sartre, French philosopher (1905-1980).