I was tired - Luton locals on why they did not vote

People living in an east of England town have shared some of their reasons for not voting in the general election.

Candidates failed to enthuse residents in and around Luton, Bedfordshire.

Statistics show that only about one in two people voted in Luton North and in Luton South and South Bedfordshire.

Four people who live in Luton gave the BBC their reasons for deciding not to put a cross in the box.

Derek Fletcher, 58, offered two political reasons and one personal reason for not voting.

He said candidates did not appeal, he suggested that the UK could not be cured, and he said he was tired after work.

"Both candidates didn't really appeal," he said.

"I think the country is in such a bad state that even with all the best wishes, I don't think anyone can cure it.

"I was tired from work, as well."

Julia Hotaj, 18, said: "I wasn't interested. I have got other things to focus on rather than... elections and all of that.

"I did have family members that voted but I don't remember what they voted for."

She said she had paid only some attention to the campaign.

"I did a little bit," she said.

"I was listening to the news here and there but that's it, really."

Turnout in the two constituencies

Luton was not the only place where many people decided against heading to a polling station.

Turnout across the UK as a whole was 60% - the second lowest in a UK election since 1885. Only 2001 was lower, with turnout of 59%.

In the newly-created constituency of Leeds South, only 42% of those eligible to vote chose to do so.

Muslim Abu Jay, 62, did not vote for religious reasons.

"It goes against our principles," he said.

"Law and order is only for the creator.

"We follow our core values. We believe that God is the creator.

"He is the creator so he is the best to judge for us what is good for us and what is bad for us, rather than man, who is weak, limited and needy."

Clayton Egleton, 45, said he had mental heath problems and was put off by the need to present photographic identification.

"I do get the reason why they do ID," he said.

"But if someone has got mental health issues, or other problems, it's very difficult."

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