Tipping etiquette: How much to give around the world

This is how much you should tip around the world, according to new research.

How much to tip
New research has revealed how much to tip restaurant staff, hotel staff and taxi drivers around the world. (Source: Getty)

Confused about tipping? A new report reveals when and how much you should give when travelling around the world.

Researchers at Hawaiian Islands have put together a guide on how much to tip restaurant staff, hotel staff and taxi drivers in 162 countries, based on TripAdvisor guides and other sources.

In more than a third of countries, including many European nations, the report found leaving a tip of 10 per cent to restaurant staff was customary. In the US, staff expected the biggest gratuity, with a 20 per cent tip being the standard.

For hotel staff who help carry your luggage, you generally only need to budget a couple of dollars, if anything. According to the report, tipping around $1.50 to $3 is best practice in 37 countries. In the US, it’s slightly more, at around $3 to $7 (US$2 to $5). In 32 countries, including Japan, South Korea and China, you don’t need to tip at all.

Tipping taxi drivers is not necessary in 88 countries, while in 21 countries - including Canada, France and Spain - a 10 per cent tip is suggested. In the US, a 15 per cent tip is more appropriate.

Tipping in the USA, UK and more

If you’re heading to the United States, the report suggested giving restaurant staff a 20 per cent tip and taxi drivers 15 per cent. For hotel staff, it suggested between US$2 to $5.

For the United Kingdom, it recommended tipping restaurant staff 10 per cent and hotel staff a few pounds (US$2 to $3). It’s not necessary to tip taxi drivers.

If you’re travelling to Indonesia, you can tip restaurant staff 5-10 per cent. You don’t have to tip hotel staff or taxi drivers, the report said.

For Thailand, service is usually included in your restaurant bill and you can tip a small amount to hotel staff (US$0.50 to $1) and round up your taxi fare.

And for many popular destinations, like Japan, Singapore, Fiji and New Zealand, tipping is not necessary.

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