Tiny puppies miraculously survive being abandoned in a plastic bag

Three terrified puppies have been rescued from a bag hidden in a bush.

The puppies, one black and two white, can be seen quivering and visibly shaken up by the traumatic incident in video after they were found in Norma, Italy.

Susanna Bergamaschi, an animal rescue volunteer, found the petrified little pups in a bag tangled up in a fence after a dog walker came across them.

Three terrified puppies have been rescued from a bag hidden in a bush in Italy. Source: Caters

“I was out walking with a friend when I came across a dog walker who said he’d heard noises coming from a hedge, and indicated at the place where the noises were coming from,” she said.

“The dog walker managed to untangle the bag and once we got it back to the road we opened it and saw the puppies inside!”

Video shows the pups being pulled from the bag – the tiny dogs trembling and crying as they’re held by their rescuers.

In the ensuing days, their rescuers check in on the trio.

One of the puppies, after being fed and cared for, following the rescue. Source: Caters

Another older dog, presumably belonging to Ms Bergamaschi, is seen taking the pups into her care too – sleeping with them and also feeding them.

Ms Bergamaschi, whose video was uploaded to YouTube has been applauded for taking in the puppies. She added: “from here, their life will begin”.

One woman said she’s “so glad” the dogs were saved by “someone who will love and take care of them”.

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