Timeline of Rami Malek’s rumoured relationship with Emma Corrin after his split from Lucy Boynton

Timeline of Rami Malek’s rumoured relationship with Emma Corrin after his split from Lucy Boynton

Rami Malek is rumoured to be dating Emma Corrin, only days after reports of a split from his girlfriend of five years Lucy Boynton.

Malek and Corrin, who identifies as non-binary, have been spotted together on multiple occasions throughout the last month. On 10 August, The Sun shared a snap of the pair sitting at a restaurant, with claims that they were spotted kissing and holding hands during the outing.

The publication said the date took place on 9 August at the Buoy and Oyster restaurant in Margate, Kent, where they reportedly bought two bottles of wine and a seafood platter that cost around $158.

“Rami and Emma were very low-key and when fans approached them for pictures, they politely declined,” a source told the outlet.

The source also claimed that the pair were “very passionate and looking into each other’s eyes”.

“They kissed and didn’t seem to mind who could see,” the source added. “Rami and Emma just seemed totally besotted with each other and paid no attention to anyone else.”

This isn’t the first time that the two actors were spotted together. In July, Page Six shared pictures of them sitting next to each other at Bruce Springsteen’s show in Hyde Park, London.

As shown in the photographs, The Crown star could be seen leaning their head towards Malek, while whispering something in his ear. The publication added that another snap from the outing - which took place on 8 July - showed that the Oppenheimer star had put his hand on Corrin’s knee at one point.

The Independent has contacted Malek and Corrin for comment.

Days before his recent date with Corrin, The Sun reported that Malek had quietly split from Boynton after five years of dating. However, the break-up was said to have taken place “earlier this year without much fanfare”.

“They were together for a long time but had grown apart. They are both moving on with their lives and are busy with work,” the source said.

The publication also claimed that since the split Malek has “surrounded himself with his mates and has spent the summer enjoying himself”.

Malek and Boynton were last seen together in public at the BAFTA awards in February. The pair were known for being private throughout their relationship, which first started in 2018.

During an interview with Net-A-Porter’s Porter in 2020, Boynton confessed that she’s felt overwhelmed by the crowds of fans who’ve asked Malek for pictures while out in public.

“It’s lovely to see people who are excited about his work – if they’ve seen Mr. Robot or Freddie – but it’s just that thing of people grabbing him,” she said. “I mean, you’d never grab a complete stranger in the street. And I think there’s a sense of ownership. It’s OK to just come up to someone, with your camera already out, and disregard whoever they’re with. It happened when we were with my mother, and we were just shoved out of the way. It’s quite shocking.”