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'It's time to sink or swim' for Sancho

Manchester United fan's voice graphic
Manchester United fan's voice graphic

Alex Turk, Stretford Paddock

Manchester United are entering the season's first international break after suffering two defeats in their opening four Premier League games.

Rivals are thriving and the ownership saga is still unsettled. The last thing needed is a public player spat, never mind it arriving moments after a crushing Arsenal defeat inches away from being a huge win.

But that's what Jadon Sancho has brought upon Erik ten Hag, and there will likely be no major developments until the United manager speaks at the end of next week.

Ten Hag confirmed Sancho had been dropped from the Arsenal squad for poor training performance - a claim the 23-year-old publicly presented as untrue.

Gone are the days where all players would knock on the manager's door to air grievances. It's a serious problem.

Sancho has little chance of exiting the latest plot twist in what could be a green-lit drama for TV in a positive light.

He is in year three after his £72m arrival. It's time to sink or swim.

But his damning exclusion in north London and unnecessary face-off with Ten Hag has set him back in the eyes of the Dutchman and large sections of the fanbase.