MPs told to get on with marriage equality

Shae McDonald
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Brisbane priest Dr Peter Catt has called on politicians to get on with the job of marriage equality.

"We want marriage equality. Now!"

That was the message left on conservative Liberal and Queensland MP Peter Dutton's voicemail on Saturday by hundreds of same sex marriage supporters who gathered in Brisbane's CBD to rally for change.

People dressed in rainbow flags listened on as several advocates spoke at the GetUp! and Equal Love event.

St John's Anglican Cathedral Dean Dr Peter Catt issued a reminder to the Australian parliament that 72 per cent of Australians wanted to see gay marriage legalised.

"My request today is a very simple one to the government, that is: get on with the job you're paid to do," he said.

"Today we're simply asking you to follow us, you don't even have to be leaders this time.

"We want you to provide this."

GetUp! campaign director Sally Rugg also addressed the crowd, saying rumours Liberal MPs were preparing to table their own private member's bill on the issue meant the time for lobbying was now.

"The government need to hear from us every single day," she said.

"Pick up the phone. Call your Liberal or National Party representative and ask them to hold a free vote in parliament."