TikTokers Are Not Holding Back On Just How Much They Spend At Disneyland, And I Am Hard-Blinking

Recently, a dad on TikTok — @supermariozelaya — went viral for explaining how he spent $1,200 on tickets alone at Disneyland in Paris:

Disneyland Resort
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I was unable to get in contact with @supermariozelaya, but his conversation definitely piqued my interest. As someone who lives in LA but doesn't frequent Disney, I wondered how much people were actually spending in 2023. Well, a quick TikTok search helped me find out.

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There is viral video after viral video of people sharing what they spent at Disney — and most are wild! One woman shared how three lightsabers cost $800. That same woman spent $3,758 for one day at Disney. 💀

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Influencer @itskristiii took people along on a day at Disney with her. She paid $144 for her entry ticket, $43 for ears, beignets for $5.40, a Mickey pretzel for $8, a slice of pizza and alien macaroon for $17, diet soda for $6.70, cold brew for $6.70, a Disney tote for $30, an ornament for her mom was $32, a birria grilled cheese was $16.50, her caramel macchiato was $6.70, her mini cake pop was $7, she got popcorn for $12.25, and to-go snacks for $27.50.

$319.75 One Day For One Person
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TikToker @jessicaxalexis went to Disney for her first time and racked up a bill of $442 and @itsmackenziecook spent $483.46.

"I spent $1,000 just for me during a two day visit"

Lots of people who aren't even residents of California or Florida — like @themouselets — spend thousands of dollars a year on annual passes. She spends $1,400 per year per pass but says it is totally worth it.

"$1400 and then the flights/transportation and hotel stays"

However, some people have learned to be thrifty when it comes to expenses at Disney. User @mandaslit said their family of four only spent $888.23 TOTAL — however, she is a SoCal resident so she was able to use a discount pass.

"save on certain snacks ans bring them in like thw chips and water even bring in sandwiches..."

According to Disneyland's website, the prices for one ticket range between $104–$179, depending on the date you want to go. If you want to visit both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, you're looking at $169–$264 per ticket. And if you upgrade to their "lightning lane" entrance on select rides, it's $25. Parking is $30 per day.

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So, yeah, it's expensive — especially if you have a family to pay for.

"bro our trip was from canada to california for two weeks our whole trip was 10k and 7k of it was just from disneyland"

However, it is the happiest place in the world. So, start saving!!! Now we wanna hear your take — how much did you spend at Disney, and what are your tips or hacks for visiting the park? Let us know in the comments, and if we get enough good suggestions, maybe we will do a follow-up post!

"Definitely start saving!!!"