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TikTokers are bravely revealing their cringey younger selves in new ‘I wish I met you earlier’ trend

They say the internet never forgets, and that’s certainly the message one new TikTok trend seems to be sending.

Dubbed #iwishimetyouearlier, the trend finds TikTokers uploading images of themselves today along with videos from their (awkward) childhoods. So far, the results are laugh-out-loud funny and majorly cringe.

In one viral clip, TikTok user @india_lilyyy poses for the camera before a night out. She’s wearing high-waisted pants and a teeny-tiny crop top, and her hair is on point.

Seconds later, the image cuts to a video of the TikToker, presumably filmed many years ago.

As she talks, it’s impossible to ignore her bright red lipstick, which goes so far outside her lipline that she almost looks like the Joker.

To be fair, the video isn’t exactly a cut from @india_lilyyy’s personal video diary. Instead, it appears to be a spoof of similar videos shot by the popular YouTube comedian Miranda Sings (aka Colleen Ballinger).

In another TikTok, @sabii.ox shows a recent photo of herself sitting on a couch in a full face of makeup before cutting to a raw clip of herself as an awkward tween, playing around on her bike and being all sorts of weird.

“I’m dead,” commented one viewer.

“THIS IS HILARIOUS,” added another.

Yet another video, which now has more than 7.2 million views, shows TikToker @yoleendadong dancing alone on camera as a high schooler — complete with random high kicks and some pretty off-key singing.

Just trust us when we say that her moves have to be seen to be believed:

“Screaming,” wrote one commenter.

“I never laughed so hard,” said another.

TikTokers continue to upload cringey videos, which is probably why #iwishimetyouearlier has already racked up more than 43.2 million views. (If you really want to get lost in a rabbit hole, check some of them out now— we promise you won’t be disappointed.)

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