TikTokers — and AI-generated birds — are showing off their ‘luh calm fit’

'Luh calm fit' TikTok trend

You might have seen the phrase “luh calm fit” on TikTok recently.

According to Urban Dictionary, it is slang for “little calm fit” or “calm little fit.” It describes an outfit that is “very plain or thrown together for the sake of being comfortable.” In other words, it may not be stylish, but it sure feels good to wear.

People use “luh calm fit” (and its variation, “calm luh fit”) when showing off their outfit of the day (OOTD) on TikTok.

In some cases, they’re even asking strangers to rate their looks on a scale of 1-10.

Some TikTokers use the phrase with some level of irony when referring to an outfit that’s over-the-top or not comfortable. In fact, it’s often paired with images of an AI-generated creature known as the “Erosion Bird” or “Opium Bird.”

In reality, the fictional bird looks oversized and creepy while perched on a snow-covered mountain. By describing its appearance as “luh calm fit,” TikTok users are poking fun at its appearance by saying it looks casual in that long coat of feathers.

Erosion Bird appears in so many memes now that it’s becoming a “thing” on TikTok. It’s somewhat synonymous with the trend in general.

Some people are even dressing up as the menacing creature to drive the joke home even further.

A few TikTok users turned it into their Halloween costume last month, pairing faux-fur coats with beaked masks.

In each case, TikTokers either caption their giant bird posts with “luh calm fit” or tag their posts with the phrase. The trend has become so popular that videos tagged with #luhcalmfit have more than 495 million views to date, while those tagged with #erosionbird have over 586 million.

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