TikToker sparks debate over boundaries after secretly filming her husband looking at other women on his phone

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A TikToker who secretly filmed her husband from behind while he looked at pictures and videos of other women on his phone has sparked a debate about boundaries on the platform.

The woman, who goes by the username @lyjones0 on TikTok, posted a clip of her husband sitting on a sofa while looking at his phone, with a song by Kreepa titled “Oh No” playing over the video.

Zooming into her husband’s phone screen, the video shows him scrolling through clips of young women dancing.

She included a laughing emoji in her caption and wrote: “My husband forgot we have a second floor balcony.”

The video, which has been viewed 1.9 million times on the app, received thousands of comments from TikTokers who were divided about the incident.

Some people thought the woman’s husband was “disrespectful” for looking at other women, while others said she should have respected his privacy and left him alone.

One person wrote: “I’d rather be single than pretend to laugh at this happening.”

Another added: “The question is, would he watch this while you are sitting next to him. If not, ask him why. There’s your answer.”

A third person said: “Men really don’t think before they do things.”

However, some people thought the woman who posted the video was invading her husband’s privacy by filming him.

“Leave him alone, you do not own him,” one person said, while another commented: “Respect that man’s personal space lol.”

Several people who said they were married didn’t see a problem with what the husband was doing, with one person adding: “Am I the only one not bothered by this? I look at thirst traps on TikTok all day long, doesn’t mean I’ll cheat.”

Another said: “Honest question, do you ladies look at the guys on this app? If so then don’t be mad when he does.”

Responding to a comment telling her to let her husband “scroll in peace”, the TikToker posted a follow-up video showing her jokingly throw a slipper at him from her second-floor balcony.

Adding a laughing emoji in text over the video, she said: “I will never be his peace.”

In a third video, she said she “took some of the advice from the comments” and unleashed a Nerf gun on her husband while he sat on the sofa.

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