TikToker reveals Olive Garden hack for $7 full course meal: ‘This is so smart’

In this penny-pinching economy, TikTokers are sharing all the ways they make their food dollars stretch even further, from how to get two meals out of one at Chipotle to making $10 worth of Dollar Tree food last for a full three days.

Mom of two and influencer Somer Agnor (@studiosomer) shared her own version of an affordable food hack that also comes in handy for anyone who is tired of drive-through foods but can’t or doesn’t want to get out of their car.

Agnor posted a TikTok about the hack she uses when her kids fall asleep in the car, but she doesn’t want to hit a drive-through: She orders curbside food so a server can bring it right out to her in the parking lot.

To make it even more affordable, Agnor explained that she orders a kid’s meal that includes a full entree (she opted for the spaghetti with alfredo sauce), a side, a drink and two breadsticks, all for only $7. She added that although kids’ meals don’t typically include salads, she even receives a side salad from her local Olive Garden.

“I love doing this because sometimes I’m just sick of drive-thru food, and it’s still curbside, so I don’t have to get out of my car,” Agnor described.

She’s not the only TikToker to recommend kid’s meals — one influencer even shared that she exclusively orders kid’s meals five times per week for the price and the just-right sizing.

Commenters on Agnor’s video noted that Olive Garden isn’t the only place where you can score a kid’s meal and come away with a lot of food for less.

“I do this with chilis alll the time. For $7 I can get a kids meal plus a small salad and chips/salsa. It’s the best!” noted @maceybarber5.

“Red lobster, Texas Roadhouse and longhorn too,” commented @everybitofbossy.

“BJs brewhouse does the same! $7!!” wrote @user9424451461790.

“This is so smart,” wrote @_leavesandletters.

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