TikToker baffles long-distance boyfriend with ‘surprise’ Amazon delivery prank: ‘Disguised myself a little too well’

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A TikToker is drawing millions of views with her high-commitment Amazon delivery prank.

The video, shared by user Niki Bayat (@niki.bayat), is the latest in a long line of Amazon-related videos to spread widely on the app. In the past, users have shared their encounters with delivery drivers who killed spiders for them, accidentally threw packages onto their roofs and pointed out “unsafe” details about their homes.

Bayat’s video, meanwhile, only features a run-in with a fake Amazon worker — she posed as a worker herself, in a disguise so good that her boyfriend couldn’t even recognize her.

It all started when Bayat, who lives in Boston, decided to surprise her boyfriend by visiting him in Chicago, where he lives. Instead of just showing up at his house, though, she decided to take things one step further. 

The result is a viral TikTok with more than 9 million views. In it, Bayat greets her boyfriend outside his home with a fake Amazon package. 

Wearing sunglasses, a facemask and a hat, Bayat proceeds to make her boyfriend sign for his “delivery.” Shortly after, he notices he’s being filmed. 

As Bayat’s boyfriend stands there nervously, she continues to stay in character. It’s not until she takes off her full disguise that he realizes what’s going on. 

“Disguised myself a little too well,” Bayat captioned her post. 

The video drew all kinds of hilarious praise, with many TikTokers wondering how Bayat was willing to stay in character for so long. Many called the prolonged prank “awkward” and “cringey.”

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“Y’all let this go on for way too long,” one user wrote.

“Bruh I got secondhand embarrassment,” another added

In a follow-up TikTok, Bayat addressed several of those comments. She explained that there was a simple reason she let the prank last for what felt like an eternity.   

“The reason I didn’t reveal myself for so long is because we were laughing so hard and I literally couldn’t even speak,” she said.

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