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TikTok video shows newlyweds in the Philippines giving away onions to guests

In the Philippines, onions are now practically a luxury good. Reaching as high as PHP700 (US$12.81) a kilo, the staple kitchen ingredient is now more expensive than meat, and is now priced 457 percent higher than the global average.

With onions now becoming an unexpectedly pricey commodity, it’s no surprise that people now treat them with a certain kind of reverence — such as this newlywed couple who chose to give away onions to their wedding guests.

Newlyweds Jason and Lorelei certainly gave their guests a pleasant surprise as they unveiled their giveaway station, packing lasona onions, or local red shallots, in woven bags.

Aldrik Gohel of the couple’s wedding coordination team, Moments by Ruffa, posted the video on TikTok.

“Maiba naman (Something different),” he wrote in the caption.

According to Gohel, the newlyweds handle an onion business in Ilocos, and thought of giving away the product on their big day.

While it remains to be seen whether the couple is going to spark wedding inspo this year, they are far from the first to use onions for their nuptials: a bride from Iloilo City also went viral for walking down the aisle with an onion bouquet instead of flowers.

Bride walks down the aisle with onion bouquet

She argued it was more practical than purchasing flowers given the recent market prices.

24 Jan 2023