Mum's 'relatable' house sparks debate: 'Like a million others'

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A mum has sparked a heated debate online after showing off her 'messy' house online, so that "other mums can feel okay about their houses" especially when faced with the flood of perfectly organised laundries and pantries all over social media.

"It’s been a rough weekend," TikToker @Tired_mommaX3 captioned a video in which she gave her followers a tour of her home.

TikTok mum shows messy house
A mum shared her 'messy' house online. Photo: TikTok

"I just want to show everybody what my house looks like because there are a lot of videos out there of all these houses that are absolutely beautiful... clean, pristine, aesthetic," she said in the video.

"Well... this is my house. So if your house looks like this, we should be friends!"

In the clip, the pregnant mum-of-three shows off her own laundry overflowing with clothes, her kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes and bench tops covered in items.

Her lounge room floor is littered with socks and the couches are also covered in toys and blankets.


Her post quickly went viral and received over 1.1M views. But it was quickly flooded with comments, many of them slamming her, with the mum eventually disabling comments.

"I had four kids, single mom not ever did my house look that way," one person wrote.

Another said: "Girl you have nothing to brag about" adding she "wouldn't drink a glass of water at your house."

"That's just laziness," another agreed.

TikTok mum messy kitchen
Her video received both negative and supportive comments. Photo: TikTok

Others however were quick to defend the mum, with many admitting they regularly found themselves in a similar position.

"I see a mom putting her children before a perfect house," was one comment.

"Your house looks like a million other houses, especially with kids. So you do you girl," another wrote.

While another person said: "We should definitely be friends. Bought a sign that says sorry for the mess our standards have lowered with each kid."

In follow up videos she defended her clip stressing that she shows her house 'messy' and not 'dirty'.

"There is no dirt, there are no bugs, there are no roaches, there is no mould, nothing," she said in another clip, filming herself cleaning her kitchen.

"So it's not dirty, it's messy. And again, I show my house messy so that other mums can feel okay about their houses that are the same or worse than mine.

"I posted that video just to show that sometimes life gets in the way. The whole family had just gotten over Covid, my toddlers aren't sleeping at night, my husband works full time during the day and I'm freakin' 18 weeks pregnant."

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