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Tiktoker shares 'disturbing' way she busted lying boyfriend

A Canadian TikToker has shared the 'disturbing' moment she found out her boyfriend had apparently been lying to her the entire time they were together, and was secretly talking to other women on dating apps.

"We were in bed cuddling when I decided to check my email, and this email is at the top of my inbox," Meghan Wainwright said in a video she shared on her TikTok account, revealing a screenshot of the email with the subject line: "Matching with your boyfriend on Hinge tonight."

Meghan Wainwright  TikTok
Meghan Wainwright said she initially thought 'surely it was a mistake'. Photo: TikTok

The email went on to explain that the woman - who was a follower of Meghan's - recognised her boyfriend on the dating app HINGE and decided to comment on one of his photos and see if his account was still active.

She then also shared a screenshot of his reply.

"I’m like surely this is a mistake, I’m positive that there’s an explanation. I say to him, I’m going to read this email out loud to you, and have you look at the screenshot, I just want you to react to it," Meghan continued.


"I read it out loud and I am waiting for the explanation but his reaction makes my heart immediately sink because I’m like, oh no he’s lying."

Meghan Wainwright boyfriend hinge. TikTok
The woman send her a screenshot of his response as proof. Photo: TikTok

She went on to say that particular interaction happened the day before she was due to visit him, and when she asked to go through his phone she redownloaded Hinge, which said the man was permanently banned from the app, then she downloaded Raya which was another dating app.

"I open up the app and there are dozens and dozens and DOZENS of messages. Messages at least once a day, from multiple girls, the entire time that we were together," she said.

Meghan shared multiple follow up videos to reveal how she felt he was gaslighting her as she confronted him.

"At this point, I’ve caught him in the lie, I’m holding the evidence in my hand, and he continued to say ‘I’m not on dating apps, I’m in love with you, I would never cheat on you," she said in one video, before sharing that she packed her things and left.

"All while he is in my face saying, I would never cheat on you, I’m not on the dating apps. I literally hold up his phone, I hold up the video from December 7th. Gaslighters are crazy," she said.

Her posts have been viewed millions of times, with plenty of people believing she made the right decision to leave.

"This whole story made my heart sink," one person commented.

"New fear unlocked," another wrote.

"So sorry for you but I love the other girl looking out for you and straight up calling him out- women looking out for each other is the best," was another response.

While a fourth said: "I don’t get people who think they can sneakily have dating profiles as if women won’t go above and beyond to let another woman know."

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