Woman's TikTok highlights annoying parking issue at shopping centre

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A woman has captured an annoying parking issue in car parks, posting a TikTok showing large cars parked in bays designated for small vehicles only.

Airing her grievances to the video sharing platform, user Jessibella showed her Toyota Yaris parked in bays specifically labelled "for small cars only."

She then panned the camera over to two larger 4WDs parked in the bays, promoting her to question what exactly defines a small car.

"I don't think these [are classed] are small cars," she said indignantly.

The TikToker was annoyed by large vehicles parking in small car bays. Source: TikTok
The TikToker was annoyed by large vehicles parking in small car bays. Source: TikTok

No specific rules to small car bays

As the name suggests, small car bays are reserved for smaller vehicles. However, there is no specific rule prohibiting larger cars from parking in the bays.

According to the Sydney City Council, bays marked for 'small cars only' are 0.4m shorter in length than a standard car space. The minimum size is 2.3m wide by 5m long for smaller bays.

Car bays in Australia are usually 2.4 m wide by 5.4 m long.

The TikTok video — which was filmed at Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood, Victoria — had some users pointing out there are no rules to say large cars are prohibited from parking in the bays.

"It's a small car section, there's literally a high car and a long car park section next to it, it's closer too," she replied in a comment.

Some users argued that they may have been the only bays left, hence why they parked there. However, Jessibella said there was plenty of car spaces around.

"There were plenty [of car bays], they literally pulled in a few seconds before me," she said. "There were plenty of spots."

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