The TikTok Hack For Making Stuffed Crust Pizza Is Ingenius

stuffed crust pizza
stuffed crust pizza - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Pizza is one of those foods everyone seems to have an opinion about. Some want it saucy while others like it cheesy. Thin crust enthusiasts turn their noses up at a doughy pie, but doughy pie lovers can't imagine having it any other way. There are loads of self-proclaimed pizza snobs out there, but for many, there's no such thing as a bad pizza -- especially if a stuffed crust is involved. So when TikTok creator @Hasaneats uploaded a video that promised a personal stuffed crust pizza in four minutes flat, it garnered plenty of attention.

As most great things do, it starts off with a plain flour tortilla. After placing four string cheeses around the perimeter, the edges are folded over the logs of cheese and tucked underneath, creating a rim of carby, cheesy goodness. The square in the center is loaded up with sauce and cheese and the whole concoction is cooked in an air fryer. The aim is flavor over fashion here, so don't get too hung up on the awkward appearance.

Tortilla pizza has always appealed because it's both quick and comforting -- a perfect late-night snack. The necessary ingredients are probably already in your fridge, and you don't need to go out or order out to achieve saucy cheesy satisfaction. As one commenter said, "Tortilla pizza is the best struggle food," and even Jaques Pépin makes sad girl tortilla pizza. This stuffed cheese crust version takes the comfort up a level.

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The Stuffed Crust Pizza Hack Is Getting A Lot Of Attention

cheesy tortilla pizza
cheesy tortilla pizza - kdshutterman/Shutterstock

While the creator may have lost some pizza snobs at the first mention of a tortilla crust, the video has certainly captured the imagination of the TikTok community, racking up 3.7 million views in just two days. The comment section contained some detractors, saying things like, "With a tortilla?? Nah," or disparaging the use of string cheese, but for the most part the reaction was positive. Many people said, "OMG THIS LOOKS SO GOOD I WILL BE MAKING." Commenters who claim to work at Papa John's said that the establishment actually uses string cheese in their stuffed crusts, while others said this looks much better than frozen pizza (and cooks much quicker).

What most people in the comment section were itching to know, though, was how they should set their air fryer to achieve this midnight snack masterpiece. While the video has an overlay text that reads "stuffed crust pizza in 4 minutes," it offers little information in regard to the temperature the air fryer should be set to. However, in the comments the creator explained that they set the air fryer to 400 degrees and cooked the pizza for 4 minutes. As usual, there were plenty of suggestions for improving the dish, by adding pepperoni, brushing garlic butter on the crust, or in one particularly helpful case, using bananas to stuff the crust because they're curved.

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