Juneteenth: How TikTok dads Terrell and Jarius Joseph are celebrating with their kids

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TikTok dads Terrell and Jarius Joseph, who have 2 million followers on the social media platform, are looking to redefine Black fatherhood, and one of the ways they do that is by showing what a loving LGBTQ relationship looks like. The dads of 4-year-old kids Ashton and Aria spoke to In The Know by Yahoo about how they’ll be celebrating Juneteeth, which also falls on Father’s Day this year, and is during Pride Month.

How is Juneteenth meaningful to you and your family?

As an African American family, Juneteenth is meaningful to us because it marks the end of the enslavement of our ancestors and the empowerment to know we can do anything!

Credit: Terrell and Jarius Joseph
Credit: Terrell and Jarius Joseph

How meaningful is it for you to be celebrating Juneteenth on Father’s Day and during Pride Month?

It is incredibly important to celebrate Juneteenth on Father’s Day during Pride this year because there is a huge disconnect between those subsets of communities that need to be repaired. There are so many stereotypes of what a Black father is and what a Black queer person is, and it causes a lot of division amongst the Black community.

This year presents a unique opportunity for our community to have dialogue on how we can all grow together during the time we’re remembering the true reason Juneteenth is important; because the Black community, as a whole, came together to bring change to the world.

How can people who are not Black celebrate the holiday respectfully?

People who are not Black can celebrate Juneteenth respectfully by acknowledging the deep wounds that racism and slavery have left on our community and how it still affects us today. They can also make conscious efforts to be a part of the change by speaking up against injustices and creating laws that stop systemic racism, for example.

How will you be celebrating Juneteenth with your kids?

For Juneteenth, our kids will start with history lessons where we teach them about our long journey to 2022 and all the sacrifices it took to get here. We’ll then take them shopping to get Juneteenth gear they can wear with pride, and end it with a party to pay homage to all the people who sacrificed their lives, their families, their voices and their safety to ensure we are able to thrive today.

Our children are 4 years old, so we have to present everything in a preschool-friendly manner, but we definitely want to have the conversations with them so they are aware from an early age.

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