TikToker’s eye glued shut in horrific beauty salon mix-up

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A Tiktoker has lost 13 per cent of the vision in her left eye after her beautician dropped glue in it after mixing it up with eye drops.

Giovanna L'oren reportedly had her eyelid glued shut by her beautician when she was having an eyelash extension in Brazil.

The native of the Brazilian state of Goias recounted her ordeal on TikTok, where she has 79,500 followers and 1.3 million likes, on October 23.

Giovanna L'oren is pictured on the left with glue in her eye and on the right a doctor examines it.
Giovanna L'oren had to have the glue removed by a doctor. Source: TikTok

Her video, which shows how her eye was left bloodshot by the blunder, has since been viewed 5.2 million times.

The TikToker said her eyelid was glued shut when her beautician, who she did not name, dropped glue in her eye instead of eye drops.

She had to go to a health facility where a doctor removed the glue from the inside of her eyelid.

A selfie of Giovanna L'oren. Her beautician accidentally put glue in her eye instead of drops.
Giovanna L'oren had to cut her eyelashes completely to avoid being blind. Source: Newsflash

However, her ordeal was far from over, and she recounted how her eye worsened overnight, causing her lots of pain and leaving her hardly able to open it.

She visited another health centre the next day where a doctor told her she still had lots of glue in her eye and she even risked losing her vision if she kept on blinking.

Ms L'oren had to have her eyelashes removed by the roots and said she was left with a 13 per cent reduction in the vision in her left eye.

Several local media outlets reported on the story but did not provide details other than the ones the young woman provided herself.

It is unclear if authorities are investigating the case.

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