TikTok trend explained: 'Unlock it'

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TikTokkers are putting their best impressions to good use in the latest trend taking over the platform.

Dubbed the "Unlock it" trend, it plays on Apple iPhone's Face ID feature which allows people to unlock the phone using their face.

Users are playing to their strengths, showing off an impression of a celebrity or character they've had tucked away, waiting to show off.

Three TikTokkers show the facial expressions they use to unlock their iPhones.
TikTokkers are putting their best impressions forward in the latest trend. Photo: TikTok

What is the actual trend?

TikTokkers will laugh or pretend to be doing something else at the start of the clip before seriously looking at the camera with a straight face (or the iconic expression a celebrity or character pulls) as though they're trying to get into their Apple Pay account.

Where does the trend come from?

The sound used with the videos is a combination of TikTok user @Brittany_Brosi laughing in a video, along with the distinct "ding" sound Apple Pay makes when a purchase is approved.

The trend has been circulating since the end of November after user TiKTokker kyralamont99 posted about how she felt about being asked to use Apple Pay while shopping in the early hours.


"When you're online shopping at 4am and gotta make eye contact for apple pay," she wrote on the video, going from laughing to very seriously looking directly into the camera.

Why is the trend so popular?

One, it's funny imagining celebrities using their Apple ID; two: it's a funny way to pull off a unique impression.

So far, there are more than 117,000 videos using the soundbite, with the most popular amassing almost 6 million views.

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