TikTok trend explained: 'Sedate me'

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If you've ever needed a TikTok soundbite to air your grievances then stop the search — we've found the perfect one for you.

Using a scene featuring iconic Grey's Anatomy character Dr Christina Yang TikTokers have found a way to hilariously tell the world about the things that lead to them wishing they could also be sedated.

What is the trend?

The trend uses a soundbite from the TV drama Grey's Anatomy, where one of the usually stoic and fairly emotionless characters, Christina, breaks down, crying and screaming for someone to "sedate her". 

Screenshot of one of the TiKToks from the 'Sedate me' trend. Source: TikTok
TikTokers are using the soundbite to dramatically tell stories of when they wish they could be 'sedated'. Source: TikTok

Using this, users simply name an inconvenient experience they'd had that left them wishing they'd been sedated, whether that be touching something gross in the sink, finding out how much going to university costs, or remembering something embarrassing they've done in the past. 

In the videos, the user will usually film themselves miming along with the words. 

In the first shot, they'll write the scenario, for example, hanging out with a friend who says "it's up to you" what you do together on the clip, before showing their "breakdown" response and ending with the person dramatically acting out the "someone sedate me" part of the soundbite.

Where does the trend come from?

The sound itself comes from a season two episode of the long-running TV drama Grey's Anatomy but was picked up by TikTok user @artistluv1011, who used it to express just how she was feeling when she found out how much her student loans for college were.

She also used the clip to describe her feeling towards paying for printing on top of other costs. 

It has since been used in almost 48,000 videos, with TikTokers finding it perfectly encapsulates how they wish they could react to being dumped, finding out their baggage was lost on a flight and even not liking the dinner mum's cooked after a long day.

Popular videos in the trend so far

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Why is the trend so popular?

With a blend of drama, comedy and old school Grey's Anatomy, it's the perfect way to express that pent-up emotion.

Plus, it's a funny way to make fun of the things that really annoy you — even when you know you're being ridiculous.

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