TikTok duo eat KFC in front of vegan protesters in Melbourne

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Two TikTok creators have been met with mixed reviews after they indulged in some KFC in front of vegan activists.

Nick and Bill, known as @nickandbill on TikTok, are seen in the now-viral video holding KFC boxes and eating their chicken outside Melbourne’s Royal Arcade, talking to people who are seemingly advocating for veganism.

The two upload prank-style videos on their TikTok, creating content by asking massage parlours if they do ‘happy endings’, falling over with chips in their hands and asking strangers questions on the street.

“Not all superheroes have capes,” Nick and Bill captioned their video, along with the hashtags “vegan” and “antivegan”.

Over the video, which now has over 3.2 million views, is a caption that says “eating a zingerbox infront of vegan protestors [sic]”.

Nick and Bill, an Aussie TikTok duo has gone viral for eating KFC in front of vegans. Source: TikTok/@nickandbill
Nick and Bill, an Aussie TikTok duo has gone viral for eating KFC in front of vegans. Source: TikTok/@nickandbill

At the start of the video, it appears one of the male vegan activists refers to the boys as “morons”.

One of the two boys asks a man if they would like a bite, to which the protester declines.

“I answered your question didn’t I, I said ‘no’,” the man says.

“Better luck next time,” one of the boys says in response.

“I actually really appreciate these guys being here, it’s creating a spectacle for others,” the man says, to which Nick and Bill and a female activist all agree.

The male walks away from the TikTok duo, while the female remains behind to talk to them, saying being vegan is “freedom”.

All the while the two boys stuff their faces with their burgers.

The video was met with mixed opinions online.

“Not all heroes wear capes, some hold zinger boxes,” one person commented. A few said their “respect” for the two went up in light of the video.

However, some people felt as though the two should have left the activists alone.

“I am not vegan and never will be but I will never disrespect someone just coz [sic] we have different views on something,” one person said.

“As a vegan: EAT WHATEVER U [sic] WANT. PLEASE just educate yourself on the dairy industry’s cruelty and impact on the environment,” one person commented.

“Veganism’s a good message.”

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