Tik Tok sensation Tabitha Brown proves 'anything can be baconized' with this new recipe

Can't seem to stay up-to-date on the latest foodie TikTok trends? Yahoo Life has you covered! In each episode of Taste the Trends, we'll introduce you to a tasty trend and the creators behind the viral recipe as they take their trending dish to new heights with a special twist! Shop everything you need to "taste the trends" at home.

Vegan bacon has been all over TikTok for months, and there's one woman you can thank for that: Tabitha Brown. Brown shared a video on how to make carrot bacon, and it exploded online — one TikTok she created has more than 2 million views. While Brown says that "anything can be baconized," she likes to make her vegan bacon with trumpet mushrooms and carrots. Want to try it at home? Watch the video above for the recipe!

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