TikTok mum details frightening find on baby's toe: 'Another fear unlocked'

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A mum has taken to TikTok to warn other parents after she couldn’t figure out why her baby wouldn’t stop crying during the night.

Mum-of-two Riss uploaded a video to her social media page, saying she “tried everything” when her baby wouldn’t settle for her one night.

Woman finds hair on baby's toe
A mum has detailed the frightening find on her baby's toe. Photo: TikTok/ @riss_237

She said the next day they noticed a few hairs were wrapped around two of the baby’s toes, which had caused swelling and redness.

“Make it a habit to check your babies' fingers and toes,” she said.

Taking to the comments section, she explained how she has long hair and now everyday they make sure to look at their baby for any signs of hairs.


Baby swollen toe
They couldn't understand why their baby was crying all night. Photo: TikTok/ @riss_237
Baby's toe red and swollen after hair
They tried everything and realised the next morning a hair was wrapped around the baby's toe. Photo: TikTok/ @riss_237

"Another fear unlocked as a first time mum," one person commented.

Others commented saying the same thing happened to them: “This happened to my baby and I felt so guilty. Ended up chopping all my hair off,” one person said.

“This happened to my brother. His sock had a string around his toe. Always turned my kids' socks inside out because of that,” another person wrote.

Mum holding baby's foot
The mum warned other parents to check their children's toes. Photo: TikTok/ @riss_237

Others echoed the commenters' sentiments, urging parents to check the inside of socks for any stray strings or hairs.

According to Healthline, what happened is known as a hair tourniquet, which “usually only affect small babies because their appendages are so small that a hair can wrap around them”.

Symptoms include excessive crying, red or discoloured fingers, toes, genitalia, tongue or umbilical stump and mild to severe swelling in the appendage.

They recommend to see a doctor immediately if you think your child has a hair tourniquet.

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