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TikTok monkey with 17.6 million followers tragically dies

A mischievous monkey who won the hearts of millions on the internet has tragically died.

George, the star of @heresyourmonkeycontent, passed away after a regular check-up went horrifically wrong, his owners confirmed on Tuesday.

“We have devastating news,” George’s family, from Texas in the US, wrote on a TikTok video.

George, the cheeky social media star, poses with a hat and sunglasses on.
George, a social media star, has died after a routine check up went wrong. Source: Instagram/heresyourmonkeycontent

“George went to the vet for a regular check up on his teeth. During, there were complications with the anaesthesia, starting a long fight for his life. Through the fight, George was sent thousands of thoughts and prayers with the hope that he would make it.

“On June 7th at 4pm Central Georgie Boy passed away. George was a light when things seemed dark. And he was a reminder of the love that exists in all of us. Though the fun-loving life of George has left, his spirit of hope and love lives on.

“We love you, George.”

The 12-year-old pet regularly received fan mail from his followers and often opened up his gifts on camera.

He has received all sorts of gifts, including snacks, toys, fan art, stickers - and even a bed and a ride-on car.

George’s loyal fanbase was devastated after hearing the news.

“Instant tears,” one wrote. “RIP George”.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, he was so special. Thank you for sharing him with us… You will live in our hearts forever George,” another said.

“I’m crying honestly that’s so sad,” one fan wrote.

Another man added: “I literally have never gotten chills like this, felt this all through my body… I’m sorry.”

George joined his family a decade ago as an emotional support animal for one of the family members.

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