The three Aussie traits Canadian man's friends mock him for

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A Canadian man who now lives in Australia has listed the three things his friends back home make fun of him for.

On TikTok, Paul, or @paul_ferrante, revealed since he moved to Australia, he's adopted a few things his mates back home find funny.

The first thing is the inflection when he talks.

"They've definitely called me out for everything I say tends to sound like a question," Paul explained.

"Definitely blaming you guys for that one," he added, presumably speaking to Australians.

A Canadian has explained on TikTok how Australia has changed him. Source: TikTok/paul_ferrante
A Canadian has explained on TikTok how Australia has changed him. Source: TikTok/paul_ferrante

The second thing his Canadian friends blame him for is how he now has a new-found appreciation for coffee.

"Number two is admittedly I've become like an absolute coffee snob," he said. 

"I used to drink drip coffee all the time, it's pretty much all we know in Canada, but since moving here I've been a slave to the flat white and I just can't go back anymore."

And number three is the way he pronounces certain places in Australia — like Melbourne and Cairns.

In Australia, we know Melbourne is pronounced 'Mel-bin' and Cairns is 'Cannes'.

However, Paul explained in Canada Melbourne would be pronounced 'Mel-born' and Cairns would be 'Carnes', accentuating the 'R' in both.

"So now whenever I say something like Melbourne or Cairns to someone back home, they rip on me saying I'm trying to be Australian," he explained.

People were praising Paul, the "honorary Aussie", in the comments.

"Never had a bad coffee here in Australia," someone said in the comments.

"Keep pronouncing it the right way," someone else said, referring to the cities.

"Send us to rip on them! They're saying it wrong."

"Took 7 years but the Aussie gene is starting to show," he wrote in the caption on TikTok.

The Canadian did clarify in the comments he still pronounces 'about' as 'aboot', in true Canadian style.

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