How to crack TikTok: 3 tips from Australia's biggest influencers

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Tik Tok influencers
There has never been more young adults wanting to pursue a career in content creation (Source: Getty)

From aspiring to be firefighters and astronauts to now YouTubers and TikTok stars, there has never been more young people wanting to become content creators and influencers.

A survey conducted by Lego in 2019 revealed that 30 per cent of kids in the UK and USA put vlogger or YouTube star as their top pick for an occupation.

Being such a popular career path has only made it more competitive.

The best way to navigate your way to success in any industry is to learn from your predecessors. Here are three content creation tips from three of Australia’s biggest TikTok influencers.

1. Chasing passion not views

Harrison Pawluk is a 22-year-old content creator from Melbourne with an outstanding record for growth. In 2021 alone he grew a virtual fanbase of over three million people.

He was known for his prank or skit content but has recently found a new calling and reframed his videos to more wholesome pieces where he shares random acts of kindness with the public.

His most recent viral content involves him sharing love and compassion to strangers who come up to him and discuss a friend, family member or partner that is no longer with them.

When speaking to Pawluk about his transition he highlighted the importance of making videos you personally love and not just content others will.

“By working with something that you like, you’re more likely to think of creative ideas, and therefore stay consistent with the content you’re producing,” Pawluk said.

And in late June Pawluk had one of his most viral videos to date - with 20 million views.

2. Consistency is key

Hunter Reilly is a 21-year-old actor and TikTok star from Brisbane who currently has a fanbase of more than 1.8 million fans.

Like Pawluk, Reilly found his passion for acting early on and developed ways to deliver this through his work. He currently makes lip-syncs to various movie scenes to showcase his acting abilities and in December alone, grew over a million followers.

When speaking to him about his success he expressed a strong belief that growing as a creator is a game of patience and consistency rather than a game of skill or luck.

“I’ve barely missed a day of posting since 2019. If you can genuinely enjoy what it is you’re creating, by also being passionate and hardworking, it’ll not only increase the likelihood of its success, but it’s helped me to stay consistent over the years and persevere,” he said.

3. Push the creative boundary

Lucas Ivkovic is a 21-year-old TikTok star from Melbourne with over four million fans garnered from his comedy skits targeted towards a younger audience.

Recording videos during the lockdown, Ivkovic knew that if he stayed consistent with posting eventually it would pay off.

His top tip when trying to crack that viral video is to stay consistent and continuously push the creative boundary by trying things that others wouldn’t in order to produce something that was unique.

“Across my videos, most of the time I don a face warp filter and a voice changer in my sketches to create something that is different from all the other comedy videos out there. It’s a factor in what makes my content memorable,” he said.

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