'Thunderous' sinkhole swallows car

Video has captured the moment a sinkhole engulfed a four-door car on a suburban street in London.

Residents report being woken to a "thundering" sound as the hole devoured the car at Benefice of Charlton St Thomas' Church in Greenwich at about 3.30am on Thursday.

The blue Vauxhall can be seen with only its front wheels on the road as the sinkhole slowly devours the car. Photo: AP

Video shows the blue Vauxhall being slowly dragged into the hole with just its two wheels teetering on the edge.

Police officers found the blue people mover parked partially in the hole and it is believed it would have disappeared completely if it was not resting on a pipe running under the road.

Cleo O'Kane, 25, who lives nearby, said police had told her some residents might have to be evacuated.

"It must have been around 4am. I woke up and then just went back to sleep - my window was open - then woke up at six this morning, came outside and there was a car in a hole," she told Yahoo7.

"I've been here for eight years and have never seen anything like this happen."

The car was being devoured outside a Church located in Greenwich. Photo: AP

A Greenwich Police spokesperson said no one was in the car at the time and there were no injures.

"We are urgently investigating the matter and will update residents the moment we have more information."

UK estate agents have warned house prices will be driven to the ground because of the sinkhole.


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