Thrill-seeking longboarder breaks world record at 96km/h then crashes

A thrill seeking longboard rider rocketed into the record books, reaching a top speed of 95.83km/h on a modified board before he stacked.

Czech-born daredevil Mischo Erban set the new Guinness World Record for reaching the fastest speed on an electric skateboard, with his feat captured on video.

Speed demon Mischo Erban breaks the world record for electronic skateboarding, reaching 95.83km/h. Picture: Guinness World Records

The terrifying achievement was staged at the runway of Portoroz airport in Slovenia, where planes usually land at more than 250km/h.

The footage shows Erban, dressed in an aerodynamic black jumpsuit and helmet designed to minimise wind resistance, shooting across the landing strip on his high-powered board.

The wooden board has been modified with four motors added. Picture: Guinness World Records

But travelling at such high velocity the skateboarder passes the 100-metre mark and loses his balance, coming off the board and skidding along the tarmac face first.

The thrill-seeker told RT (Russia Today) he was not injured in the crash.

“I am attracted by speed and have learned to master the danger,” he said.

Daredevil Mischo Erban comes off his board after crossing the 100 metre mark. Picture: Guinness World Records

It took Slovenian start-up, Next Generation Vehicles two years to design and modify Erban’s NextBoard.

The company hoped the high-powered boards could someday be used in downhill skateboard racing, slalom, and freestyle.

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