How a thrifty mum saved $40,000 on home renovations

A homeowner has revealed her thrifty trick while renovating her home that led to an impressive saving of about $40,000.

After Tracey O’Malley purchased a new home in Sydney’s west, she was adamant she wasn’t going to break the bank when fixing it up.

Ms O’Malley turned her attentions online, finding bargains on Gumtree – a buy, swap and sell website.

Tracey O’Malley has saved a fortune on renovating her house just by heading online. Source: Sunrise
After decorating her lounge, kitchen and two other rooms, she’s managed to save about $40,000 on Gumtree. Source: Sunrise

“Most of everything is brand new for half the price,” she told Sunrise.

Some of her best finds include a brand new back door for only $50, a $200 fireplace valued at $3700 while a set of tiles she’s used in her kitchen and plans to tile her bathroom with set her back just $150.

She even managed to score a hot tub for free. The only catch? She had to drive to Newcastle to pick it up.

Items such as her front and backdoor have been picked up online for as cheap as $50. Source: Sunrise

Ms O’Malley has completed renovations on the entrance, laundry, lounge and kitchen so far.

She says it’s something anyone can do and requires homeowners to follow a few easy to steps when taking to the internet.

“It’s like a menu, you have to find the value of it and just make sure it fits and you can use it well,” the mother-of-two said.

The mother-of-two even managed to pick up this hot tub for free. Source: Sunrise