Three people injured after Russian attack on Kryvyi Rih

Russia hit Kryvyi Rih during its April 19 missile and drone attack
Russia hit Kryvyi Rih during its April 19 missile and drone attack

Three people were injured after Russia attacked an infrastructure facility in Kryvyi Rih, sparking a fire, City Defense Council head, Oleksandr Vilkhul, reported on Telegram on April 19.

Three people, aged 43, 53, and 58, were injured; two men are in hospital in stable condition.

Emergency services are at the scene, with efforts underway to mitigate the aftermath. 

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Approximately ten missiles were intercepted above Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, but one hit an infrastructure site in the city, causing a fire, Vilkhul said, describing the night as "very alarming".

Vilkhul assured that all city services, hospitals, and social institutions remain operational, adding that no power outages will be implemented.

Russia's attack on Ukraine on April 19

Russia launched another drone and missile attack on Ukraine overnight on April 19.

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast and southern Ukraine were targeted, with a multi-story building hit in Dnipro. Nine casualties have been confirmed, including a child.

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Russia targeted Ukrainian Railways facilities in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, briefly suspending operations at Dnipro's railway station, which has since resumed service.

Ukrainian Air Force downed a Russian military Tu-22M3 aircraft, marking the first destruction of such a long-range strategic bomber by Ukrainian air defense units in coordination with Ukrainian intelligence.

Ukrainian air defense systems intercepted 15 of 22 missiles and all 14 drones deployed by Russians.

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