Prime Minister not at risk after Queensland ceiling collapsed

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was not in danger of being injured when parts of a Queensland ceiling collapsed this morning.

Three people were injured and two were taken to hospital when tiles fell from the ceiling of the Waterfront Place building around 10:45am this morning.

Police confirmed that Mr Turnbull was not at risk when the ceiling collapsed.

Police confirmed that Mr Turnbull was in an adjoining room when the tiles came crashing down.

The incident took place on a floor of Waterfront Place near Eagle Street, where members of the Federal Cabinet were meeting.

Queensland emergency services responded to a call out at 10:51 on Tuesday morning when the panels fell from the ceiling.

A report was made at 10:51am this morning after three ceiling panels fell from the building's ceiling, injuring the three patients.

A Queensland Police spokesperson said that one person had suffered a minor shoulder injury.

More to come.