Three men targeted in bizarre road rage incident on New Year's Day

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Three men were forced to run for their lives when a crazed driver tried to run them down.

Two men were hit and four cars were damaged in the bizarre road rage incident on New Year’s Day.

Photo: 7 News
Photo: 7 News

The BMW convertible was seen deliberately ramming a parked car in a Dandenong carpark.

The ‘crazed driver’ then allegedly charged his smashed up car up a grass verge towards three men who were filmed running for their lives.

Milad Hidari and brother Ali Reza were forced to hide next to parked cars as they desperately tried to escape the rampage.

Photo: 7 News
Photo: 7 News

They were both allegedly hit by the driver.

“He did get me, I ended up on his bonnet and my brother was pulling my hand just to get me out of there,” Ali told 7 News.

The men escaped uninjured and said the attack followed an earlier road rage incident on the South Gippsland highway.

Milad Hidari, his baby son Danial and two relatives were driving to a pool hall in their Honda when they claim they were cut off by the BMW driver.

The man then followed the group to the carpark.

“Lucky I give my baby and my world to my brother in law, else he would’ve killed me and my son,” Mr Hidari said.

Witnesses said the BMW driver was ‘emotionless and perfectly calm’ as he wrecked every panel on his Z3 roadster.

“He said to me in the most dead calm voice, ‘I’m sorry about that but they deserved it’. Then he did a U-Turn, came back and tried to hit them again,” Witness Jodie said.

A Honda Civic was shoved up an embankment and badly damaged.

Owner Nusrullah Shejahi felt he was also targeted.

“I saw this red BMW and then he tried to run me over, I was so shocked and tried to call the police,” he said.

Photo: 7 News
Photo: 7 News

The BMW driver refused to answer the door when 7 News tried to question him.

Police are investigating the incident.